Sunday, July 01, 2012

Politics. Bleah!

I hate politics.

I resent the need to pay attention to politics in any way, shape, or form (for self-defensive reasons).

Those who make that necessary are my enemy. They steal part of my life.

I understand how some people are energized by the "political process" and elections. As long as the results don't affect my life in any way I don't care what game they play. Politics should be like football (I also have zero interest in sports): those who want to play, play. The results don't affect anyone other than those who choose to play or to be a "fan". No bearing on the Real World, unless you want there to be in your own personal life. A sports fan can't force me to cheer or support his team (unless he gets government involved in subsidizing his hobby).

If politics could become civilized in this way, I wouldn't be bothered by it at all. I might even play on occasion.


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  1. There is a quotation attributed to Jesus which says,"Don't cast your pearls before swine.", which is supposed to mean, don't spend time warning those who refuse to understand the problem. However, I tend to disagree to the extent that I think it's your duty as a human to warn a blind person who is about to step in front of a truck, and to perhaps physically stop him. If he insists on heading back into the street, oh well. P.Bru