Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bloomberg & Kelly: Laughingstocks

New York City's mayor Bloomie and New York's Reaver Queen, DeathRay Kelly, are now the laughingstock of America. It's about time.

These "only cops should have guns" idiots are still chanting their mantra even after their ridiculous premise was utterly destroyed when the NYC's badged reavers shot 9 innocent bystanders while killing a murderer near the Empire State Building. "Untrained" armed good guys couldn't have done worse, and have historically done a lot better.

I suppose the only way things could have been worse in the Aurora theater massacre is if some armed cops had been the only other armed people at the movie that night. Yet, this is exactly what Bloomie and DeathRay are still pushing for. Because only reavers have the "right training" to handle guns safely. Yeah, right.



  1. ( wounded by police fire is unacceptable in any situation. Too the officers credit though, from the video I saw, they didn't have any time to do much of anything. The guy was on them and had his gun out before they even knew he was there. Also to to officers credit, neither one fired to slide lock. It could have been even worse.

    I don't know why the people of NYC keep either Bloomy or Kelly around. Both of them are useless. If they would get rid of the little king they might be able to find a halfway decent police commissioner. Some of the "laws" Bloomy has either gotten passed or suggested makes me wonder about people sanity in that part of the world. Trans-fats and drinks and smoking and guns.

  2. By the way, in my personal opinion, the shooter was looking to commit suicide by cop.

  3. Billionaire plutocrats can pretty much do whatever the hell they want. That's why the evil midget still rules over NYC.

  4. Neither fired to slide lock? Someone check to see if they're real NYC cops.