Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Frustration.  But you can't get through to some people no matter what.  Even if they are staring down the barrel of a gun.  Or a storm.

With Hurricane Sandy aiming directly at my friends in Pennsylvania I took it upon myself to mention to some of them that I hoped they were taking precautions.

Universally I met with the standard reaction, if they reacted at all:

"Oh, nothing ever happens around here.  I'm not going to be paranoid.  The electric company will keep the lights on, or fix it quick if anything happens.  I have a couple of bottles of water, and some food.  I can go over to ___'s house, or where I work, if I need food or water.  It's just down the block.  I don't need anything.  My cell phone works and it's charged.  Etc."

Sigh.  Denial.  "It can't happen to me!"

Why can't people realize that sometimes you can't just walk a block or two to somewhere you believe will have what you need, and be able to get it when you arrive?  Why do people not realize that cell phones need their towers to be standing and be powered in order to work- even if charged?  That sometimes things are bigger than a couple of days can fix?

How did people become convinced that it is "paranoia" to be able to take care of yourself?  How did people become convinced it is somehow morally superior to refuse to be prepared to survive without relying on other people?

How can people not see the fun in being ready for unexpected events- or even those with plenty of warning?

Does no one think ahead and consider it wise to be prepared anymore?  I guess this means that, once again, I am "No One".

UPDATE: read the comment I just posted below.



  1. If that's the case, then i am no one also! I was very prepared for the storm. I feel it's better to be safe than sorry. What is really bothering me are the people saying,"That was a joke!" or staying in their homes when they are supposed to evacuate & putting responders in harms way!!

  2. I believe the root of the problem is that our modern way of life--and the nanny-state mentality--has lured people into a false sense of security. Back in the bad old days, 100 years ago or so, people had to be prepared because there was no government agency that was going to come to the rescue. You had to be self-reliant. Death or serious injury was all around you and you knew it. Today, we live a more-or-less insulated life ... until a major disaster happens, then we panic and wonder where the government help is. Survivalist are, by and large, laughed at. Survivalists are ready for storms like Sandy. But also, if the next ice age is just around the corner, and all indications are that it could be despite Al Gore, et al, they will be the ones to have the last laugh.

  3. The federal government has mad it illegal to prepare for stuff like this (Limits on how much food you can stockpile) and with the help of the media, they have made "being prepared" = "Bat-shit crazy".

  4. Maunderingcabal X- Government, with its split personality, advises people to prepare for disaster, and yet punishes those who do. But when do "we" listen or care about what is "illegal"? ;)

  5. I am really glad that most of my PA friends made it though OK, although I know some were inconvenienced- and in at least one case had to get out of the house since they had no way to heat their home while the power was out. And it does seem that many of them had power outages for varying amounts of time.

    This goes to show the importance of preparing for the unexpected and for the inevitable. It might just save your life, and even in cases where you aren't in much danger of dying, it can make your life so much easier and more secure.

    Really, what does it hurt to be at least minimally prepared?