Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally- a distinction worth noticing

The impossible- no, the highly improbable- has happened.

Whereas I had previously thought there is no difference between the two Obamney puppets, the supporters of one have finally made a difference.

It's official: due to the actions of Romney's supporters, I now actually hate him worse than I hate Obama.  That is quite an achievement.  You should be proud of yourselves.

The candidates themselves couldn't have achieved that.  There is nothing substantive, and very little that is vanishingly trivial, to distinguish Obamney 1.0 from Obamney 2.0.  Being unwillingly subjected to their vacuous words and insane opinions wherever I turn couldn't even have accomplished this (but I have managed to avoid this fate).  Only rabid supporters could.

I know that if there were an actual "conservative", with an "R" after his name, on the ballot, you guys would despise Romney and would be doing everything possible to defeat him.  He is the anathema of everything you stand for- according to your apparently forgotten words.  But you are blinded by your hatred of Obama.  I'm not.  I can see that your guy is just as big a socialist- just as corrupt- just as deviant in his beliefs- as that which you now claim to hate in order to create a difference where none exists.

No, I don't like Obama one bit.  I simply hate Romney just a little bit more.

Congratulations, Romnoids.



  1. I find it difficult to hate candidate A as opposed to candidate B in this grand illusion of bread and circus. Or candidate C or D or E: because there are certainly more than two individuals who are deceived enough to think that by "running" they might indeed achieve Grand Wizard of the Klan status -- license to mesmerize the poor governmentalist sheep.

    I might have to admit to hating what they stand for -- heading a deadly gangster mob, a few of whom are sitting comfortably in "control centers" executing violent murders by drone attack.

    The enormity of the truth is incredible.


  2. I'm disappointed... I thought that a writer of your caliber would not indulge in hyperbole without presenting a cogent argument for your thesis statement... You told me only that your hatred for Romney has grown but you did not tell me why... Again, disappointed...

  3. Anonymous- I don't know what caliber you believe I am, but I am simply me. And, if you read the post you will see I did tell you: "due to the actions of Romney's supporters".

    You want more detail? OK.

    Romney's supporters are aggressively pretending that their candidate is not just as bad a liberal as Obama. Many, MOST, of them actually opposed Romney's nomination but now that he is nominated are completely ignoring their previous opposition. Opposition based upon the fact that he is anti-gun, pro-socialism (even more than most Republicans- which is dramatic), and basically your typical rabid anti-liberty bigot. He has supported and implemented socialized medicine, he supports and has implemented gun bans- and wants more. He is everything the typical Republican claims to hate- yet his newfound supporters get crazy with hatred if you point any of this out and demand that "if you don't support Romney, Obama will get re-elected". So what? Heads fascist socialists win; tails America loses. A difference that makes no difference is not a difference.

    I hate Romney more than Obama because Romney's supporters are being more dishonest about their candidate than Obama's supporters are being about theirs, and because Romney's supporters are being more hateful and nasty toward me, personally. Got it?