Sunday, November 04, 2012

"Doc's Plan"

This is an idea that I have seen promoted.  I post it here- edited only for language:

Here's the answer to the health care, welfare, social security problem in America.  
The President announces that on a given date, every single person of the over 315,000,000 citizens in the USA will be given $3,000,000. You, me, your child[ren], and even The Donald will get this money. Every man, woman and child will get 3 million bucks to do with what they please. It will be tax free.  
One month from that date ALL welfare, both federal and state will be forever ended. That means no more Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, assisted housing, health care, unemployment compensation; public schools, everything will be ended forever. No more Social Security taxes (or the like) will be taken from our paychecks and those various government offices will cease to exist.  
If you piss away your 3 million bucks on rims or other silliness, you will not get any charity from the government ever again and you'll be out of luck.  
This will end homelessness and poverty in America.  
We know that there are some people who will spend it all as soon as they get it. Some common sense financial counseling will be offered.
People who are visiting on visas or not will get none of it.

OK, yes, I know this would cause immediate inflation- possibly hyperinflation.  It would also cause all the bureaucrats who work in all those obsolete government agencies be to unemployed- the money might make them ignore that for a while, though.

It wouldn't make everyone's life skittles and cream, but would short-sightedness overpower the imminent end of all welfare?  What do you think?

Feel free to spread this idea anywhere you think it might get attention.



  1. I read somewhere, a long time ago, where some wealthy person said that if all the money/wealth in the U.S. were distributed equally among the population, it would only take x amount of years before the formerly rich people had most of it back ... or something to that effect. If a person has not worked for and made (and usually lost before making it again) a fortune, then they have no idea of how to use it wisely.

    It takes three or four generations of non-working inheritors of wealth to lose it all ... sometimes only one generation as with Barbara Woolworth Hutton. She was born in 1912. Inherited (in today's dollars) over $700 million. She died at age 66 of a heart attack and was worth only $3500. She had a troubled childhood, but still, with all that money and she couldn't, herself, manage it or find someone competent to do it for her. And you think the average person, born poor and expecting to die poor would be able to manage a measley $3 million? Not a chance.

    And, after it was gone--back into the hands of the rich--they would demand and get more of the same kind of government we have now.

    Hell, even a full-out revolution with Libertarians winning would only give us 20 to 30 years of uncorrupted government ... if that long.

  2. As a hard working, tax paying American, I want my chance at the American dream! This government gives much more than this to corporations and cronies and it's about time they gave us regular folks a bit of the wealth!
    I think we should DEMAND our $3million!!!

  3. D.M. Mitchell has it exactly right, of course. We can also estimate the amount of inflation that would be caused:

    --$3M x 315,000,000 people = $945 trillion
    --The current U.S. money supply is on the order of $10 trillion
    --So as a first approximation we can say that the value of a dollar will drop by about 99%
    --So in fact everyone will be getting about $30,000 in purchasing power, not $3M.
    --And since wealth is actually denominated in goods and services, not green pieces of paper, that number won't change significantly no matter how much you run the printing pressses. Give everybody a trillion dollars and you won't get a different result.

  4. So they can print money and give it to the already rich and that doesn't cause inflation but if they give that money to the people then it's no longer money, it's pieces of green paper, I see.
    You lo0nitarians with your inflation theories!

  5. anonymous troll, you can have one response out of pity, but I won't bother to make it substantive:

    A) You utterly failed to read for comprehension. Maybe intentionally, but more likely because you are just not very bright.

    B) You seem to think that if you link to a crackpot article it magically becomes not-crackpot. That turns out not to be the case.

  6. I'm is crackpot? Why because you disagree and want to spew your loonitarian bull poop on unsuspecting readers?
    I'm no rocket sturgeon, but I have enough smarts to see that you loonitarians are just shills for the elite! How about some real-world proof that "Doc's Plan" won't work. It seems to "work" pretty well for GM and for Halliburton and for all the "connected" big-money firms but somehow in your world it won't work for the working man? C'mon!