Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gasoline at $9 per gallon? For your own good...

I have heard from time to time that the government's "Energy Secretary" (what a useless "job"!) wants gas prices to be between $7 and $9 per gallon, in order to coerce less usage.  I wouldn't doubt it, even though the tale may be apocryphal.

My dad blames this on (false) environmentalists.  He's missing the mark.

The government is anti-travel.  It has been for a long time- since long before I was born.

Just look at all the anti-travel "laws" and regulations it has put in place: "driver's licenses", license plates for cars, "drunk driving" laws, speed limits- all violations of the fundamental human right to travel unmolested, and all imposed by government.  Notice the pattern?

Sure, special interests/idiots clamor for one restriction or another, "for the common good" or for "safety", or to prevent theft, or whatever, and since the implications of the suggestions are anti-travel, the government is very happy to oblige.  The new restrictions are put in place and travel gets outlawed just a little more.

Who is really to blame?  It isn't the (false) environmentalists, it isn't the AAA (in the case of those "driver's licenses" all those years ago), it isn't the tee-totalers- they are just the useful idiots the government uses to get what it wants imposed on the rest of us.  And when we reject the lies and object to the new restrictions, we are castigated for being "selfish", inconsiderate, or " a danger to society".

Just like the gun "laws" imposed by this same herd of anti-liberty bigots, the restrictions on travel bring to mind just one thought: Not one more inch!



  1. .
    Back up one more step: Conquerors of old came up with the genius scheme that "the government" (that would be them) should "coin (read: control)money" (for everybody's protection, of course -- the fox wants them chickens to be safe!)

    With predators grouped into an abstract called "state", and those same predators and their parasites controlling "money" there could never, ever be such a thing as a "free" market or marketplace.

    You're absolutely correct, Hawk: "special interests" are only the mirage that camouflages the real gangsters.


  2. "... wants gas prices to be between $7 and $9 per gallon, in order to coerce less usage."

    Funny, this is the same reasoning we free marketeers use to justify and explain the virtues of "price gouging" during times of declared emergencies. The difference of course being one of coersion and one of voluntarism. I predict more theft of fuel and yet another black market.