Monday, November 12, 2012

It's not just a tyranny; it's an adventure!

I know some people who are really upset- even scared- by the re-election of Obama.

If this is you, focus that emotion into doing something constructive.

Learn the skills that will serve you best, in your area, if you can't count on any infrastructure or "civilization" being there.  Realize that this probably won't happen, but the skills will be fun to learn and will be like insurance.

If your area is unsurvivable in the above scenario, get out now.

Get things you think you might need if things aren't quite that bad.  Real money, for example.  Food, water, weaponry.  Extra medications that you can't live without.  Knowledge of ways to replace the modern things that might not be readily available.

Be nice to your neighbors and get to know them.  You'll find out who will help defend you in case of emergency, and who might just be the emergency.

Don't get overly dramatic about the election results.  It doesn't really matter who the War Criminal In Chief is today or will be tomorrow.  It doesn't matter what new "laws" are passed (and "upheld") unless you intend to obey them.  I don't.  Romney would have been no better.

I don't "need" a president or any representative to represent me.  Or rule me.  And neither do you.  Accept it and stop looking to others to run- or fix- your life.  That is your job.  Start doing it.

Come on, it'll be fun!


1 comment:

  1. Now you're cookin' with Crisco, Hawk!

    I became a sovereign state years ago (in my head -- no concordats or treaties with the white man, who has proved only to use treaties AGAINST "friends" -- NOT for any mutual benefit). I and I alone am responsible for my "defense".

    There're some bad hombres about, but seldom do I encounter non-governmentalist dudes who present much of a threat.