Saturday, November 03, 2012

Some weeks are better skipped

This has been quite a week.

Beginning Monday about noon, it has been taken up by the emergency room, and trips to the doctor and surgeon in the Big City an hour and a half away.  And there will be more trips next week and a surgery next Friday- when I have to be there by 5AM.  And then there will be more trips to The Big City the next week.  I wish gas prices were a lot lower.

The medical problem isn't mine (it's my daughter's mom's) but since she doesn't drive, and since I should be concerned ...

So far I have managed to keep writing and posting in between being gone large chunks of the week, but no guarantees for the next week.  Fortunately, Blogger lets me schedule posts ahead of time so no one notices when I'm gone.  I still have some written and scheduled for the next few days.

Plus, my sister, whom I haven't seen in 12 or 13 years, is supposed to be moving here from Los Angeles, with her girlfriend.  The last we knew she planned on being here yesterday.  But, after supposedly picking up the rental truck (which my parents sent her the money to rent) Monday, and running into delay after delay, no one has heard from her since Wednesday evening.  She has never been very good about answering calls or texts in a timely manner, but this is ridiculous.  Is she avoiding everyone now?  Did she get cold feet?  Did her girlfriend balk about leaving California?  Mechanical trouble?  Did they get hijacked?  The truck was supposed to be turned in by opening time this morning.  Did she even get the truck?  I know my parents are worried.  So am I.  But I'm also suspicious.

UPDATE: The sister has been found.  They are only one state away- they say they had packed the phones and just dug them out.  Should be here before morning.

UPDATE #2:  My sister and her girlfriend are finally here.  Safe, sound, and exhausted.  I am also exhausted after helping unload the truck.  But I'm very happy they are here now.


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