Saturday, December 29, 2012

An armed camp? Yes, PLEASE!

“Is this the answer; that America should become an armed camp?” ~ Dianne Feinstein

Obviously the idiot puppetician has never spent time in an armed camp.  

I have.  Many times.  And it was wonderful.  

People were friendly.  Strangers were openly welcomed, without fear.  Disputes were cordial, or at least peaceably resolved.  No one stole from anyone, even though valuables were left unattended.  No one attacked anyone.  Kids ran free and were watched by everyone.  

I could only wish America could return to being an armed camp.  All it would take is a week of such an experience and almost no one- other than thugs like Feinstein and her gang- would ever want to give up such a life ever again.

It just shows what a dishonest, horrible, corrupt, despicable, and evil "person" Dianne Feinstein really is.  How sad for her.



  1. It is sad for her. Feinstein manifests a personality disorder that I believe is and has been present in each and every human being who has aggressively sought and/or been elected to "political office". Dr. Ron Paul and a very minute few others might be exceptions.

    There is a solution:

    Abstain From Beans, Mates!


  2. Describing this psychotic creature as a “person” is kind of a reach. May I politely offer the term, “reptilian.”

  3. Except that I like reptiles. And rats, and skunks, and weasels. I even like intestinal worms more than I like her.

    In my defense, I did put "person" in quotations, and I called her a puppeticican first.

  4. Yes, a reptile behaving as a reptile and living within the world of reptiles, is fine.
    But a reptile behaving as a reptile and living and RULING within the world of humans is not.

  5. Puppetician or puppet?


    ...and you forgot hypocrite! :-P