Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't pledge? Hand hecklers a card

Yesterday's Pledge of Allegiance problem, and an exchange with L. Neil Smith, resulted in this project:

How about a business card that you can hand to anyone who objects to your act of self-ownership?

I made them in PDF form, and for Avery template 8371 and I'll email the files to anyone who requests them.  Later, I may add them to one of my websites for downloading, but I'll wait and see what people think.

As I do with most of my work, I offer this for free.  Feel free to tip me for my work if you feel so inclined, because, as always, I could really use the money, but it is not necessary to do so if you'd like the files.  Really.



  1. Kent, you should put up a bitcoin address and a donate page on your blog. To make it even easier, put up a QR code with your bitcoin address as well. For more info on bitcoin:

  2. Anon- I am working on that now. It's taking a LOT longer than I had anticipated- I've been working on it all day now.

  3. I am involved in Boy Scouts, because my sons wanted to. I was a Cub Scout "cubmaster" (I hate that term) for 10 years, and am currently just an adult volunteer in BOy Scouts. I frequently catch hell for failing to salute or say the Pledge. Specifically because I am not in a true "leadership" position, I no longer hasitate to tell any who bitch that I do not pledge allegiance to ANYTHING, except for my family, and ESPECIALLY NOT to a scrap of cloth.

    I tell them "The government serves us, or at least, under the Constitution, it is supposed to. And I have no intention of serving it, or pledging my allegiance to it or it's symbols.

    Keep up the good work, Kent. Wish I could chip in a bit, but I have 4 kids and no money! LOL

  4. Neale (spelled the right way?)- Our kids don't realize the sacrifices we make for them, do they.

    And don't feel bad about not being able to chip in. I appreciate the sentiment, anyway.

    So far no one in town has said anything to me about my act of defiance- and people in this small town see and hear about everything. I am hoping to be able to print off some cards before the first comment.

    On another subject- on Facebook it was mentioned that Bellamy called himself a "Christian Socialist". Yes, I know that. However, he was a big fan of the nationalism he saw in Europe, and wanted to bring it to America. So he was a "nationalist" and a "socialist", which qualifies him as a "national socialist". The racism associated with "national socialists" was probably added on later- but I'm not sure of that. If there were room on the card there are lots more points that could be made; I was trying to keep it readable.

  5. Yup- that's the joke L. Neil and I always say- he says cuz he's older, I say cuz my familiy has soelled it MY way for 400 years. His daughter called me "Osborn, because DADDY is the only Neil in this house!"

    No, kids don't always realize it, but eventually, they get it.

    Bellamy being a "hero" of the right for the pledge is kinda like lefties loving Margaret Sanger for her defense of abortion. Both forget the reasons their "great work" was done. While women certainly have the right NOT to carry to term, they tend to forget that Sanger supported and promoted abortion rights as a method of practicing eugenics- she wanted blacks gone!

  6. i'd like one. not that I'm any kind of a "hero". but maybe someday, I might have the huevos to pull one out. argh!

  7. Give me an email address to send the files to and they'll be on their way. My email is up there under my picture on the top left.

  8. Anonymous 09:51 AM- I now accept Bitcoin.