Friday, December 14, 2012

Elementary school shooting- like tragic clockwork

Once again, "conveniently" just as puppeticians are discussing a plot to violate your fundamental human right to own and to carry any kind of gun you desire, everywhere you go, in any manner you see fit, without ever asking permission from anyone, a "Manchurian Shooter" has been activated.

I see some anti-liberty bigots crying that "this isn't the time for politics".  Well, they would be right if their anti-liberty politics were not directly to blame.

The story doesn't change; only the details do.

Put innocent people in a place where the good guys are forbidden to have guns.  Make sure escape is made difficult- a bottleneck is good, especially if there are doors that can be locked in a "lock-down" so that no one can get out of harm's way.  Propose some new anti-gun "laws".  Activate the shooter.  Then scream that people who didn't kill or harm anyone must be punished for the acts of a bad guy who broke every law in existence in order to carry out his act.

A person who has no compunction about murdering children will NOT obey your newest anti-gun "law".  And neither will anyone else who sees that you are handing society over to the murderers a little more with every new anti-liberty "law" you parasites propose, pass, and enforce.  It is past time to say "Enough!  Not one more inch!"

New "laws" will NEVER prevent this.  Only by getting rid of counterfeit "laws" that criminalize self-defense and the tools to effectively carry it out will you prevent most of these massacres.  But nothing- not even rounding up all gun owners and putting them in the ovens- will prevent them all.

People who are determined to kill a bunch of people will always find a way to make the attempt.  Do you want to make sure their intended victims are helpless in the face of the attack, or do you want to make sure there is a chance to stop the attack before the body count climbs?

Don't even give me that tired crap about how you don't "think" more guns is the answer.  Because it most assuredly is.  Don't lie about "bullets flying", or "body armor" (which the Aurora shooter has been shown to have NOT been wearing, by the way).  Don't start spewing lies about cops being the only ones "well-trained enough" to be able to stop these attacks.  Because cops never do manage to stop anything in these "gun free zones".

If you advocate regulating the right of self defense, and the guns that make it more likely to survive, then YOU have blood on your hands.  YOU are guilty of aiding and abetting the murderers.  Don't you dare start trying to point the finger at those of us who work to prevent these acts that get you so excited.  Your Blood Dancing disgusts me.  You are evil.

I hate the fact that there is never time to grieve for the innocents murdered due to the Blood Dancers, those Mass-Murderer Fan Club goons, immediately using this "opportunity" to try to attack me.  And you.  I have to put away my feelings and prepare to defend myself from those who hate liberty.  I can cry later.



  1. Well said. I noticed this morning that the gun haters started their blood dance before we even knew how many victims there were. Those people disgust me.

  2. Well said.

  3. Ditto, well said - there is nothing more I can add except thank you; you are right!

  4. I don't call 'em "gun free zones" any more. They are "target rich zones".

  5. An even better name for "gun free zones" might be "slaughter houses".

  6. Criminal empowerment zones. and as you can see over the past year the crims have been committed in these zones. I wonder why. Just heard that Michigan passed an enhanced Concealed Pistol Licenses so you can carry a loaded firearm into these "target rich" or "Criminal emowerment zones" Hope this works. Also heard a Fed Judge issued an order the the Illinois Gov. to have implimented a right to own firearms in the state and to have a concealed carry permit law in place in 80 days. Wonder how that will work out.