Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fighting anti-liberty bigots

The collectivist anti-liberty bigots are determined to hand us all over to the murderous psychopaths- in the name of "safety".

And those politicians who are said to be on "our side" are weak, cowardly and all-too-willing to compromise "just a little", to appear "reasonable".

Will the final nail be put in the Second Amendment's coffin because of the Sandy Hook massacre?  Or has that coffin been nailed shut for decades, and we are just waiting for them to take the wax corpse off display in the Kremlin and bury it?

It's a fight I never wanted to see, but I will not allow myself and my kids to be sacrificed so that cowards can feel better.  And so that puppeticians can feel more powerful.  And be seen "doing something".

I'll fight because I have to, not because I want to, and not because I declare "war", but because war has been declared against me.



  1. Hawk, I've come to believe "..the second amendment...", along with a large number of other so-called "rights", were a gigantic ruse from their very inception. And when you look at it squarely you will see that using the terms "rights" and "constitutional amendments" implies that there are individuals with the power to GRANT said "rights". That we do not in fact own ourselves.

    But those who claim to have that power are delighted that we think they are so endowed.

    The enormity of the truth is incredible.


  2. Of course, the Second Amendment was never meant to apply to you or me, anyway. It was a prohibition on government employees' actions, not a promise of rights.

    Not that a piece of paper ever slowed down tyranny. That takes a will to defend yourself from tyrants- personally, with violence- when those tyrants attempt to violate you or your property in some way. America is in a bad situation because somewhere along the way most people became too cowardly to defend themselves from thugs who work for The State.