Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun rights vs. Health care rights

I have seen people complaining today that in America gun ownership is a right, but health care (specifically, mental health care) is not.

Guess what, rights are the same everywhere- in Ghana, Japan, America, Antarctica, Italy, Argentina, Tasmania, Iceland, wherever.  Rights are identical for every human being no matter where they live.  The local government can either respect those rights or violate them, but they can't alter them one tiny bit.

So, yes, in America (and everywhere else) gun ownership is a right.

As is health care- as long as you provide it for yourself.

No one is obligated to give you a gun you didn't buy, and no one is obligated to treat your health issues for free either.

You have the fundamental human right to own and carry the gun you obtained without theft or coercion, and you have the fundamental human right to seek any health care you want as long as you don't get it through theft or coercion.

Forcing a medical provider to treat you for "free", or to force someone else to pay the fee for you, is slavery.  It is WRONG.

So, whining about gun rights as opposed to health care rights is exposing yourself as an idiot.


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