Saturday, December 22, 2012

That everyone be armed...

The most dangerous situation is not when everyone has a gun- it is when only one person has a gun.  Especially when that one person has ill intent.

When you create a "gun free zone" (a "slaughter house") you reduce the chances that good people will be armed, while doing absolutely nothing to disarm the one bad person.




  1. With the exception of the VA hospital, I stay out of gun free zones. Any place else here in Iowa all they can do, if they catch you, is ask you to leave. I'm a firm believer in concealed means just that.

    If someone does ask me to leave, I have some printed cards that state "No guns, No money".

  2. I understand what you are saying, but I think it is common sense that we make it harder for these nuts to get semi/auto weapons in the first place. We give up a lot of liberties in this country so that others can be safe (think about airports now as opposed to what they were 50 years ago; we have also surrndered to smoke-free zones, too). No private citizen needs an assault weapon. Period.

  3. Nothing will make it harder for determined people to get these weapons. That is wishful, and delusional, thinking. Guns are easy to build, and it is easier to build a full-auto than a semi-auto. Plus, if you really want a full-auto you just stab a cop and take his.

    "We" don't give up any liberties- they are stolen, and it makes everyone less safe when they are. The illusion of temporary safety always makes one less safe. And less free. You are trading reality for a wishful dream. A dream that not everyone shares.

    Airports are MUCH less safe (from attack) now than 50 years ago due to "security theater".

    And "smoke free zones" should be voluntary, depending on the wishes of the property owner.

    Do you even know what an "assault weapon" is? I didn't think so. It isn't a semi-auto SKS, AR-15, or AK 47. No matter how they are dressed up. The anti-liberty bigots lied to you when they started calling those guns "assault weapons" and you bought it, and are still buying it.

    It is not for you, or any one else or any number of anyone elses, to decide what any other person needs or doesn't need. Sorry to burst your bubble. And, as long as cops and the military control full-auto weapons there will be a need for the rest of us to own them. Once again, whether you like it or not. Period.