Saturday, February 04, 2012

Disgusting authoritarians

I have read about a couple of studies that found that those who identify themselves as "conservative" are more easily disgusted. Interesting.

Not sure if the correlation indicates causation. Or, even if there is causation, which causes which. Are people who are easily disgusted drawn to "conservatism", or do "conservatives" become more easily disgusted as a way to justify their politics?

I guess someone needs to do a follow-up and watch young kids as they mature and see what happens to those who are easily disgusted in early childhood, versus those who are not.

The study got one thing glaringly wrong when it claimed "Liberals tend to disagree, and are more likely to base judgments on whether an action or a thing causes actual harm". Um, no, they don't. (I interpret this as bias on the part of the researchers.)

Which makes me wonder, what is the correlating factor that is tied to "liberals"?

I suspect it is "offense". I would like to see a study that looks at people who are easily offended and see what their politics resembles.

However, as we all know, "conservative" and "liberal" (or "progressive" if you prefer) are just silly names for authoritarian. Which makes sense. Disgust and offense are also pretty much just different names for the same feeling.

"Conservatives" may be offended by "gay marriage" while "liberals" are disgusted by gun ownership.

So, authoritarians are those who are easily offended/disgusted. And then use offensive and disgusting coercive behavior to try to force everyone else to go along with their own mental shortcomings.