Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We all lose during election time

We all lose during election time

(My Clovis News Journal column for January 13, 2012)

I can give you a prediction about the next presidential election almost a year before it happens. Ready? The US government will win and America will lose. The status quo will be elected once more.

There isn't a bit of difference between any of the candidates who will end up on the ballot in the "possible winners" spots. Democrat, Republican, Republicrat, or Demopublican. They all stand for more government, more "laws", and less liberty. The only difference is in their individual angle of attack. They easily get this government-extremist agenda pushed through by fanning the flames of fear that their own favored policies sparked.

I'll even go further than that. I anticipate an Obama win. I'll explain why:

Republicans are too busy cutting their own throats by marginalizing and ignoring the only mainstream candidate who is distinguishable enough from Obama to handily defeat him in a head-to-head battle. You know the candidate of whom I speak: the only one Constitutionally-qualified for the job because he is the only one who adheres to the letter and intent of the document that gives the federal government its only permit to exist. That candidate is Dr. Ron Paul.

I have plenty of disagreements with Dr. Paul. Beyond the fact that he remains a part of the system. However, I do trust him to try to stay "Constitutional"; to act as he is legally authorized to act. That's something no president in several generations could honestly claim.

Whichever of the candidates actually ends up being elected, he will keep doing what Obama has been doing, only more so. On the remote chance it happens to be someone other than Obama, he will campaign by railing against things Obama has done, only to build on Obama's actions once he gets in office. It's the same story every time. Obama campaigned as an anti-Bush, but turned into a continuation of Bush- copying and building on the former's worst offenses as he added new offenses of his own. I expect no change.

But, this expectation gives a certain freedom. Once you see past the smoke and mirrors you can laugh at the show. Let the others chase their tails and tell you their insane and diseased trained monkey is better than the other guy's insane and diseased trained monkey. Look beyond the hype and see that they are all trying to get you to buy a sick monkey that will bite you.


"Keep it in your pants"

How many times have you seen the admonition to "Keep it in your pants"?

Whether in regards to religion (or other opinions) or literally a demand that you keep your pants zipped up so that "it" doesn't show up where it isn't wanted. It is still there, whatever "it" may be, but it's not an issue as long as it doesn't show up.

It's just a simple truth that as long as you "keep it in your pants" it can't really bother anyone else or be any of their business. And, if they insist on making it "their business" they have problems- and should be avoided.

I see it as an acknowledgement that "Bubble Theory" is right, and is generally understood to be right by almost everyone- until you try to look for a "slavery is OK as long as I only do it on my own property" loophole.