Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Operation #EFAD"

Yes, just do it. I did. To scare the authoriturds and puppeticians, if nothing else.

I also have the paper edition, and while I don't agree with every detail of Bracken's politics, it should be a very scary book for our real enemies.


Breakfast of Zombies

I have an idea for a new breakfast cereal. So, instead of emailing Kellogg's or General Mills, where they could claim the idea as their own and deny it was my idea first, I'll put it all down here. And, yes, I know cereal probably isn't the healthiest thing to put in your body, but it's just an idea that I think could be very profitable.

What is it that kids seem obsessed with these days? Zombies. I haven't seen any zombie-related cereals. So, my idea is...

"Zom-bits- they're apocaly-cious!" Most of the pieces would be shaped like brains. Maybe some hands, feet, and other body parts/organs too. Colored pink (speckled with red). If heart-shaped pieces are included they could be red.

Now, write the cereal companies, send them this link, and demand they buy the idea from me and let the little pop-culture-influenced zombies enjoy Zom-bits.