Monday, March 05, 2012

Reaping what you sow

If I attack any innocent person, I deserve to be killed by that person, or by someone defending them. I have a right to defend myself from their defensive, actions, but make no mistake- I am the one on the wrong side. It wouldn't matter if I pinned a badge on my chest or if I was in Pakistan wearing a military uniform. The one initiating force deserves whatever he gets. Period. I have no legitimate reason to whine about "proportionality"- if I don't want to be maimed or killed in self defense I shouldn't attack.

I just don't feel sorry for aggressors who reap the fruits of their actions. Even when the person they are attacking is worse than they are. In fact, I find it very humorous when bad guys clash, as long as no innocent person is hurt in the crossfire.

Let them all arm themselves however they want, and I'll seek shelter until they have all "honored" themselves to death. Good riddance to these burdens on civilization.