Thursday, March 08, 2012

Anger: the anti-liberty

There is a place for anger. When you see injustice, and rights being violated, it is only human to get angry. The danger is that in your anger you will strike out in such a way that you become just as bad as that which angers you.

If your anger leads you to advocate a "governmental solution", then your anger is only leading to more trouble. There is ALWAYS a better way, even if you haven't yet thought of it.

There are things that make me angry. However, if my knee-jerk reaction is "There oughta be a law..." or a desire for enhanced punishment from the State, I know I am off-track somewhere and I need to re-examine my thinking processes. And, when I run into such things from another liberty advocate, I know they are dealing with some inconsistencies (or pain) in their life that need to be addressed. And, I need to remind myself to not let it make me angry.