Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seeking out confirmatory sources

One big problem that most people have when they think about politics is, apparently, that they seek out sources that only confirm their biases, and avoid those that would expose them to the contrary opinions.

I don't have that option. I think that is why libertarians/anarchists are better-informed than most people. It would be impossible for me to avoid statist opinions. They are everywhere I turn. On TV, in movies, in music, in newspapers, online, expressed by every person I hear talking- whether to me or to some other stranger standing in line at the store. We all swim in an ocean of statism.

Now, we liberty-lovers could stick our fingers in our ears and scream "La la la, I can't HEAR you!" But I don't know any who do that, literally or figuratively. Instead, we roll with it and pick apart the flawed statist claims. They may not be listening since it is very easy for them to avoid being exposed to rational thinking. But that's OK. It just keeps making the reality gap wider.