Friday, March 16, 2012

My prejudice cracks through

The other day, at a fast food place, I saw an older-middle-age guy in an Obama T-shirt. Instantly I was overcome with "The Stereotype". I saw him as a snobby "progressive" who was probably on welfare and/or held a bureaucratic "job" which he depended on Big Government to create an imaginary "need" for.

I know that isn't nice of me. After all, I know from previous experience that when people see me without any context (and maybe in context) they see me as an ignorant hick. Someone who mumbles incoherently in single-syllable, incorrectly-pronounced words. Or something. I have actually had people confess that I was not at all what they had expected from appearances. Good.

As I watched him with my peripheral vision I tried to picture the shirt without the Obama image. I could almost eliminate the prejudice that way, until Obama showed up again. Then the suspicions came flooding back.

One thing that bewilders me beyond words is why- why on Earth- would anyone choose to wear a shirt that celebrates a puppetician? Why? Why venerate the most defective people in society? It's like wearing a shirt celebrating rabies or ebola. It seems to me that it shows an incredible lack of sense. Unless you do it as an exercise in irony.