Monday, March 26, 2012

Relax and enjoy

I must be an odd character.

A couple of nights ago, after coming home from a long, hard day, there was a party going on a few houses away. Loud bass thumps, and loud singing. In Spanish. It was happy, bouncy music with an exotic feel. It made me feel good.

My daughter's mom, on the other hand, immediately started wondering aloud why no one had called the cops on them yet. Not that she was considering it, but that was still her first thought. It had not occurred to me that anyone would react to the party sounds like that. Until she brought it up.

There have been other things like that. If someone does something that annoys me (yes, it is very possible), I don't think of calling the cops or shoving the "law" in their face. I either speak to them myself, or I "suck it up" and realize this is part of living in town, and deal with it however I can. If it is an actual, credible threat, then I might take matters into my own hands.

Anyway, that evening I ended up sitting out in the yard enjoying the music for a while. I think others might benefit from relaxing, and just enjoying the moment, too.