Monday, June 04, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion (well, maybe a little shame...)

If you have been thinking of buying something from me, here are some things I am offering.

You can check out my eBay items. I have some books, some "Zombie Apocalypse" items, some knick-knacks, some obsolete stuff, and some Chester Arthur (Denver mint) dollar coins. (The links just go to a representative item, not all I have for sale.)

I have more Chester Arthur ("D") dollars if you'd rather not go through eBay, but I need some money in my Paypal account ASAP, so I'd still probably prefer you pay that way. If you refuse to do business with Paypal, then I'll consider other arrangements, of course.

I also have my books for sale.

And Time's Up flags and T-shirts.

Links to just about all of it can be found at Dull 'Hawk's Shop.

And, you are always welcome to donate, although I would prefer to trade value for value.



Well, isn't that... "special"?

A common theme I see in movies and TV is when someone who has "special abilities" feels guilty about that advantage (or is reviled for it) and is celebrated for not using them.

Usually it is some imaginary kind of "special ability", like magic or psychic powers, rather than reality-based stuff. Still... "Don't use magic"? If you've got it, use it!

Why not use all of your abilities and resources? Because not everyone is identical? Because it would be "cheating"? Forget that!

If you can, do.

Just don't initiate force or steal.