Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tax addicts

Does it really matter whether someone "works" in return for "tax" money, or sits on their rear as they collect? Why would that make any difference to me?

Both are addicted to the money they get from government on a regular basis. Both think they are "entitled" to the money somehow. Neither actually pays any "taxes"* unless you believe the sleight-of-hand accounting tricks. (You can't dip a cup of water out of a bucket, pour half of it back into the same bucket, and then claim you "paid" half a cup of water to the bucket's manager. No, you just received half a cup of water from the bucket to begin with.)

In my experience, the "welfare queen" does less actual harm than the government employee, in most cases.

(*Just to be clear, I'm not claiming they should be somehow forced to do the impossible and pay "taxes"; I am saying NO ONE should be forced to pay.)