Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shoot the drones

I don't know if you have read Judge Andrew Napolitano's comments about spy drones, and dealing with them, but in this column he says his suggestion that Thomas Jefferson would have shot them down was "not ... urging the use of violence against the government".


Shooting at a spy drone is NOT "violence against the government". The government is the crooked individuals flying the drones, and stealing the money to build and operate the drones. The drones are not the government unless we are now ruled by robots.

Shooting a drone is, perhaps, destruction of property... but whose property? Government can own nothing, since everything it possesses it stole or bought with stolen money. A thief doesn't own the stolen property that is in his possession. Your money was stolen to pay for the drone, so shooting down the drone which is spying on you is simply destroying that which you paid for, that is being used against you.

It is the right thing to do.

Shoot the drones. Or, find a way to electronically interfere with their operation to either turn them against their operators or render them useless.

And, remember that violence is not necessarily bad anyway. It is often the proper response to an individual who is attacking you, stealing from you, or trespassing. Just something to consider.