Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Liberty makes Mortimer tremble in fear

Anti-gun idiots.

From David Codrea's War on Guns blog comes a common anti-liberty whine:
Please, if the world scares that much that you feel the need to take a gun with you everywhere, please stay at home.
Besides illustrating the linguistic "ability" of the typical anti-liberty pants-wetter, it also demonstrates a common error in their (ahem) "thinking".

Carrying a gun "with you everywhere" is not a sign of being scared. It is a sign of taking responsibility. It's a sign of being mature.

It's no wonder people like "Mortimer" can't understand it, and are frightened at the prospect of meeting someone so different from themselves. A person so much better than the ones, like Mortimer, who are obviously really scared of the world. Scared because they aren't equipped- mentally, emotionally, or physically- to handle reality. Mortimer is a prime example of "projection".