Friday, July 20, 2012

Warning: Aurora Massacre rant

Any shooting of innocent people is a tragedy. A mass shooting is an individual tragedy multiplied by many individuals.

You think I'm angry? You bet I'm angry.

Any sane society would be so outraged (as sane individuals are anyway) by every shooting, that people like disgusting NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg would be too afraid to open their festering mouths for weeks afterward. He'd be cowering under his desk with his armed security goons standing guard to protect him from the decent people who don't appreciate his continual enabling of mass murder. Of course, in any sane society filth like Bloomberg wouldn't hold any position above "Apprentice oral toilet bowl scrubber".

It infuriates me that people like Bloomberg are directly responsible (slightly less so than the evil person who pulled the trigger, but truthfully, imperceptibly so) for mass murders like this, and yet are taken seriously by so many deluded reporters and "John Doe" ignoramuses when they start preaching about how liberty is to blame. Of course, they call liberty by other names (because they are liars who are incapable of speaking the truth). Names like "gun show loophole", "automatic [sic] firearms", "high capacity clips" [sic], "easy access to guns", and numerous other things. This is why Bloomie is such a fan (along with his evil familiar, NYC Chief PoPo Kelly) for street assault by his minions, the NYC reavers. His euphemism for this violent assault is "stop and frisk", but it is still perverted and wrong.

There is only ONE real world solution for massacres like the one which just happened in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater: Get rid, completely and forever, of every single gun "law" that has ever been enacted. Every. Single. One.

Bad people, even psychos, choose "safe" places to kill. They choose places where the politicians and cops have done the heavy-lifting by making sure that "law abiding" people won't risk breaking the "law" to take responsibility for their own self defense. Stupid business owners go another step by adding another layer of prohibition- which only applies to people inclined to obey. Bad guys have already decided they aren't going to play by the rules by planning to murder- only a fool would believe that a gun prohibition will stop them.

You can scream that this isn't true. You can cherry pick false statistics compiled by evil people who want potential victims to be disarmed. You can cry "for the children" as you work to guarantee a future of slavery and death for them. You can pray, wish, dream, hope and pretend that there is another solution to mass murders. But you will never change the reality no matter how much you try to deny it: Gun "laws" KILL.

Advocating, passing, enforcing, or obeying a gun "law" does nothing to help anyone but the bad guys. It helps the murderers who pull the trigger, and it helps the murderers of the blood-dancing, TV camera lusting, Mass Murder Fan Club: those, who like Bloomberg and the Bradiots, salivate in hopes that another massacre will happen every time a new gun "law" is on the horizon so that they can feign "concern" for the victims. Inside, they are jumping for joy at every death. And don't you ever be fooled.

Say I am being harsh or unreasonable. I'm not being 1/1,000,000th as "unreasonable" as I want to be. Because I want to put an end to these mass killings of unarmed people. I get no mileage out of their deaths.
And, yet, those who "sympathize" with the dead and injured, by whining that "we need more gun laws", are taken seriously and treated as humane. They are the monsters.

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Aurora movie theater murders

I admit I don't know too many details about the Aurora, Colorado shooting. I know all I need to know. I can see the monster behind the curtain: "gun laws".

Aurora might object, but it is still "Denver". Just one big metroplex. Maybe it has fewer gun "laws" than does "Denver" proper, but even if it does, gangrene spreads. When an area is subject to oppression it will poison adjacent areas. Denver is venomously anti-gun and anti-liberty. It isn't safe to drive through that city responsibly armed. Of course, that never stops those bent on destruction, does it.

I also know that most movie theaters prohibit firearms. At least to their customers who don't intend to go on murder sprees.

One armed movie-goer could have ended the rampage before such a large number were killed and injured. Only a monster would stand in the way of self defense and defense of the innocent. Are YOU a monster? Obama is a monster. Michael Bloomberg is a monster. Who else? To find out, just watch to see who calls for more "laws" against the tools that could have stopped this attack.