Sunday, August 12, 2012

A squirt from the State's reproductive organ

I see it over and over again; something along the lines of how the looming economic and/or social disaster can be averted "if the US government creates more jobs".

Governments do not "create jobs". All they can do is to destroy jobs. Destroy wealth. Destroy opportunity. Destroy incentive and innovation.

I made this point a while back on facebook only to have a commenter scold me by claiming that:
Business owners and entrepreneurs can only create jobs if there is a demand for their services. There can only be a demand for their services if gen pop has disposable income for such services, gen pop can only have that income if they are employed, they can only be employed if they are educated. They have to be educated in some type of school, which happens to be funded by the gov't.... gov't creates jobs. Just saying...
Sigh. There are so many flaws in that "argument". Why do people confuse "schooling" with "education"? And, why assume that to be educated you must have been "in some type of school"? And why ignore all the education that occurs free of government [sic] funding?

So I responded:
Education only rarely, and purely by accident, happens in government schools. Home-schoolers and unschoolers get a better education without the indoctrination. Disposable income is eliminated by The State on many levels. "Taxation" (which is a euphemism for theft), red tape, regulations, licensing, etc., and the counterfeiting operation at the Federal Reserve, take about 7/8 of the production of Americans when you add it all up. Want more disposable income? Get rid of the parasites who are bleeding you dry. Then, find a service or a product that is needed, and provide it. You will have created jobs and "disposable income".
Of course, their final response was to ask where I got my "schooling". Not where, or how, I was educated, but where I was "schooled". To which I responded:
Truthfully, I attended government schools, but I educated myself by reading and experimenting and thinking. Thankfully I made it through government schooling without having my love of learning destroyed as happens to so many.

I smell a government school employee. How about you?