Saturday, September 01, 2012

I want to be PERFECT...

...and it really irritates me when my human flaws- or reality- or the situation- prevent it.

Take the government school mess that has been tearing me up inside recently.

I so badly want my daughter out of that prison. But she wants to be there- for now, at least. And everyone who is in her life, other than me, wants her to be there too. So I will have to just accept the situation for now and deal with it the best I can, considering the circumstances.

Yes, it bothers me.

I guess this way I won't complain (out loud) about property "taxes" that I pay, since I don't want handouts, but expect to pay for what I use. Even if I'd prefer a voluntary alternative that is subject to market forces. (And I realize I am not getting a good return on my money, and am being delivered a load of unwanted sewage along with what I might willingly accept.)

I still don't want my childless neighbors (or those whose crotch-fruit don't attend government schools due to age or some other reason) to be robbed for my "benefit". But I'll try to shut up about this for the time being. And plan my subversion quietly.