Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The hypocrisy of the statist

One thing that constantly crops up as a source of mild amusement- and occasional frustration- is that the same people who have a problem with my lack of respect for The State (and other governments) feel they can ignore certain "laws" without being hypocritical.

I tend to obey most "laws" that aren't a matter of life and death, especially when the risk of being caught is high and the consequences are steep. Yet, some of the people I am referring to ignore "laws" very openly and still look down on me for the "laws" I express scorn for. And they would be shocked! if they faced consequences for getting caught breaking those "laws".

One person, upon discovering that the local "city" council had just adopted a bunch of new ordinances- some of which would negatively affect his life- was at least honest enough to admit "Now MY ox is being gored."

It must be painful to be a statist.