Thursday, September 13, 2012

Think! Before you embarrass yourself.

Hey, Statist. When you justify The State and its "taxation" by bringing up roads, fire fighters, mail delivery, defense, and the abuses of corporations, it shows a certain blind spot in your thinking processes.

Why do you believe those things you list can only be accomplished through coercion and theft? Because if you believe government alone can do them, that is what you are claiming. Don't scoff; those are the only tools government has that are not generally available to the rest of us (without dire consequences, anyway). Do you not believe those things can be done voluntarily instead? If something can't be done voluntarily it shouldn't be done at all.

And, why do you believe The State is necessary for prosperity, and that corporations are the problem? The biggest barrier to prosperity is the government/corporations. There is no distinction. You may believe government is "necessary" but this just shows you haven't thought it through sufficiently.