Monday, September 24, 2012

Consultant on libertarianism

I'm always looking for interesting ways to make money- ways that don't make me want to hang myself. Being hit by another surprise financial disaster makes me brainstorm some more, and I came upon an idea.

I think the entertainment industry needs me as a "libertarianism consultant".

I was thinking about the TV show "Parks & Recreation". One of the main characters is supposedly a libertarian. But how much more entertaining could the show, and that character, be if the character actually was libertarian. I see many opportunities for humorous story lines there.

I'm radical enough that I could advise them well- they could soften it for TV if they needed to while still being libertarian enough to be different, and giving a more accurate picture of what it means- and I can see the humor in libertarianism. Without being condescending towards it. Just imagine the humor of living in a society that is so self-contradictory about violence and theft, while being one of the few who sees the double standards. (Actually, if you are one of my regular readers I'm sure I don't have to tell you about that.)

I could rent my services to movies, too.

Many people would probably say that entertainment insiders have no interest in being accurate about anything, but I know that isn't exactly true. They want to entertain and make money, and I wouldn't mind helping them when possible.

I'm sure the thought of me having any influence beyond this tiny little blog is scary to many people, though.