Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strike at the Root of Evil

Do you think corporations are destroying the economy and enslaving people?
Strike at the root and disable The State so that corporations can't use it to their advantage.

Do you think GMO crops and Monsanto are poisoning the food supply?
Strike at the root and remove the government's favoritism and the maintenance of the corrupt monopoly.

Do you think "chemtrails" are real and a threat?
Strike at the root and take away The State's ability to do anything to anyone.

Do you worry about FEMA camps?
Strike at the root and withdraw consent so that The State loses its ability to force anyone (or pay them) to carry out any plans.

Do you suspect "9/11" was in inside job?
Strike at the root and take away government's ability to get away with anything or to keep secrets.

Do you believe the government either carries out "false flag" operations as an excuse to pass anti-gun laws or takes advantage of random events for that purpose?  Do you think government may try gun confiscation?
Strike at the root and stop allowing anyone to violate your human right to self defense under any pretext.

Do you see that elections are rigged?
Strike at the root by refusing to play a rigged game.

Do you worry about the Federal Reserve's hundred-year counterfeiting scheme?
Strike at the root and use free market money when possible.

Even if the "conspiracy theory" is wrong, removing the State is a good thing.  And if they are right, your life might just depend on dismantling the Empire.  Liberty is always the right path.