Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Mommycrats" and "Daddylicans"

I think that, at least when I consider each half of the National Socialist Part separately, instead of thinking of them as "Democrats" and "Republicans", I will think of them as the "Mommycrats" and the "Daddylicans".  (I'm sure someone else has come up with those names before; they are too self-evident.)

Yeah, that last one sounds a little naughty, but compared to the actions of those in the party... well, I don't think there's any way to make them sound worse than they are.

Anyway, the new names reflect their approach to controlling you.

Mommycrats go about it like an insane mother.

"You are a baby, no matter your age, and you need constant care so you don't get a booboo.  And so you don't hurt your sister.  Of course, you shouldn't pick up pointy things, or touch anything that involves fire.  Eat your veggies and ... say, aren't you getting a little fat?  No more soft drinks for you!  And, if you misbehave, just wait til your father gets home!"  (Because Mommycrats are pretty happy to let Daddylicans punish you, as long as the punishment doesn't go too far.)

Daddylicans embrace the way of the sick father.

"You are an idiot child.  You are lazy and evil, and it is up to me to beat some sense into your empty skull.  You WILL respect me.  You WILL sit there in church and keep your disgusting mouth shut no matter how irrational the message is- and don't even consider any other message!  You will respect the family traditions and not question whether what I tell you is true.  It is truer than true because I say so.  Everyone out there is out to get you, and only I can stop them.  Buck up.  It's not your lot to be happy- it is your responsibility to do as I say."

Of course, they often join forces to control those of us who grew up to see that we don't need a life-long control-freak "parent".