Sunday, November 04, 2012

"Doc's Plan"

This is an idea that I have seen promoted.  I post it here- edited only for language:

Here's the answer to the health care, welfare, social security problem in America.  
The President announces that on a given date, every single person of the over 315,000,000 citizens in the USA will be given $3,000,000. You, me, your child[ren], and even The Donald will get this money. Every man, woman and child will get 3 million bucks to do with what they please. It will be tax free.  
One month from that date ALL welfare, both federal and state will be forever ended. That means no more Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, assisted housing, health care, unemployment compensation; public schools, everything will be ended forever. No more Social Security taxes (or the like) will be taken from our paychecks and those various government offices will cease to exist.  
If you piss away your 3 million bucks on rims or other silliness, you will not get any charity from the government ever again and you'll be out of luck.  
This will end homelessness and poverty in America.  
We know that there are some people who will spend it all as soon as they get it. Some common sense financial counseling will be offered.
People who are visiting on visas or not will get none of it.

OK, yes, I know this would cause immediate inflation- possibly hyperinflation.  It would also cause all the bureaucrats who work in all those obsolete government agencies be to unemployed- the money might make them ignore that for a while, though.

It wouldn't make everyone's life skittles and cream, but would short-sightedness overpower the imminent end of all welfare?  What do you think?

Feel free to spread this idea anywhere you think it might get attention.