Sunday, November 25, 2012

The "Abolish the State button"

One of the standard arguments against liberty that always seems to crop up is that it is hopeless.  The State in some form or another is inevitable.  Liberty- anarchy- won't last long before another State grows out of the fertile soil; from the desires of weak-minded people to be led.

Why abolish The State if it'll just happen again?

OK, then.

I might as well never bathe or wash laundry again since I and my clothes will only get dirty and I'd have to wash again.

I might as well not eat since in a few hours I'll only get hungry once more.

Why bother even getting out of bed?  At the end of the day I'll just need sleep again.

It's really a very childish justification.

Sure, a new State might arise before too long, but not immediately, and it would take some time for it to become tyrannical again.  Is there no value to be found in the liberty the people would enjoy in the meantime?  I think there is.

I'm willing to hit the "Abolish the State button" even if it only turns out to be a "reset button".