Monday, December 03, 2012

US dollars = welfare? The alternative

I'm just sitting here wondering what the real difference is between Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs)- US "dollars"- and welfare.

Neither has any basis in reality or inherent value.  Both are printed or electronically created out of thin air, and backed by nothing and really paid for by no one.  Other than the fact that the more of either one there is, the less value each "dollar" has.  Just like any other counterfeiting operation.

The use of either one also contributes to the coming economic collapse.

The only difference I can see is one of perception.

I haven't had a single paper "dollar" in my wallet for over a couple of weeks now, but in my pocket I have a couple of Morgan silver dollars, and a few ounces of .999 silver.  So, I'm "broke", yet I'm not.

Right now, that real money doesn't work well at most stores or for paying bills, but I don't carry it for "right now" anyway.  I carry it for when a paper (or electronic) "dollar" finds its true value.  And, I carry it in case of emergency, in the hopes that if I find myself in dire circumstances I will have something of value to trade, since I usually have no FRNs.

As long as other people keep accepting FRNs in trade, I will continue to accept them.  But the instant that trust starts to fade I will start only accepting REAL money for goods or services.  I hope others are smart enough to do the same.  Let the hyperinflation be powerless against you.