Sunday, December 23, 2012

The NRA's armed school guard plan

Speaking as a disgruntled NRA life-member, I will say that the NRA's advocacy of placing "armed guards" in schools is nuts.

Let me take a step back: I despise government schools and the entire state "education" system.  It indoctrinates to Statism/socialism instead of educating.  All government schools deserve to be burned, bulldozed, and forgotten.

However, for today they exist and millions of children are compelled to attend them.  As long as this is the reality, the kids need to be protected from attack.

Armed guards are not a good solution.  Especially if they are in uniform of some kind.  A uniform just says "shoot me first and then you are in the clear".

The rational solution is to have anyone who wants to be armed, be armed.  Without any tell-tale outward signs.  Without even the knowledge being shared with "authorities" who are a weak link where the information can be obtained and used.

In other words, it is better to assume that everyone is armed.

I also don't like the uniformed guards because kids shouldn't be trained to think of uniformed goons as being on their side.  Because that is a lie.  Don't let kids become conditioned to seeing a police state surrounding them.

Of course, this goes against the indoctrination goals of government schools- they WANT to train kids to accept a police state, and to obey it.

It just shows that the NRA is a statist organization that is more concerned with supporting armed elites, even when they are the bad guys, than in supporting the fundamental human right to own and to carry any type of weapon a person sees fit, in whatever manner they wish, everywhere they go, without ever asking permission of anyone.  Their perverted support of the military and reavers has given clear indications of that for years.

I oppose the NRA's armed school guard plan.