Thursday, January 03, 2013

Connecticut's Sandy Hook lessons

It has been weeks since the massacre at the Connecticut elementary school.  So many innocent lives lost to one indescribably evil act by a broken individual.  The magnitude of such a tragedy is hard for rational people to comprehend.  Yet, the knee-jerk reaction from the political class is as predictable as sunrise.

It is adding insult to injury to force the individuals of America to withhold our grief because we have to prepare for a second attack.  This time from politicians and their Laws of Mass Destruction.  It is hard to find the time to cry when you know, from the moment of the first news reports, that fundamental human rights which are subject to no government's "laws" will be scapegoated.  Tears must wait until your self defense has been secured.

Doing the same thing that keeps being done and that keeps failing, is not the right way to deal with it.  For a change, let's do the thing that people like me keep suggesting.

A person who is willing to violate the laws against murder will never let a "law" against owning or carrying a gun stop him.  The anti-gun "laws" only disarm the people who have no intention of murdering children.  And, in doing so, those "laws" make the children-your children- less safe.

Politicians- who have had the anti-gun bills written in advance, waiting for such an opportunity to try to rush them into "law"- want you to be afraid.  They count on it.  Fearful people are temporarily willing to give up some liberty for the illusion of safety.  It doesn't work that way.

I am not afraid of random violence. I am resolved to prevent or stop it. I am resolved to refuse to be a sitting duck, or to stand by and watch innocents be attacked. I am resolved to make sure everyone knows the motivations of the people who would wish to take away the tools that allow you and me to say "STOP!" and back it up with action.

Anyone calling for you to be disarmed- anywhere, at any time, for any reason- is not doing it for your sake.  They do not have your best interests in mind.  Instead, the only reason they do it is so that they can do things to you that you would stop if you had the ability.  They do it so that they can keep hurting innocent people and you'll be powerless to prevent it.

Schools are not safer when the good people are disarmed.  That is a deadly myth.  How many more children will be sacrificed on this gory altar?

Instead of making it easier for these evil murderers to do what they want, let's end the insanity of "gun free zones" so that the next attempt will get nipped in the bud. A "gun free zone" is more accurately labeled a "slaughter house".  Only a monster would advocate more of this.



  1. "...Only a monster would advocate more of this..."

    I agree. I also know that 95% of ordinary folks up and down the street are unwilling to get in the way of the psychopaths who so advocate.

    The enormity of the truth is incredible.


  2. When a mass killing is attempted in a Victim Disarmament Zone, it is successful 99.999% of the time. . . There has been only one successful mass killing in an area where there were many guns, that I am aware of (Ft. Hood).

    There is nothing rational, or logical, about using guns to force people to give up their guns in the name of safety - if one has more than 2 brain cells to rub together, that is. . . to the intellectually and morally bankrupt, I suppose it makes perfect sense - as evidenced by what we're seeing in the news, on a more or less daily basis, since Sandy Hook.

    "Prohibition of self-defense is evil and people who support it are no different from rapists: they get their jollies from controlling and harming others. Such sadism by proxy must be stopped." (

  3. Rev James- Ft. Hood is a "gun-free zone". No one on base is allowed to be armed except for military police. Places where only police can be ("legally") armed are- by definition- "gun free zones".

  4. Of all the mass shootings, only the Tucson/Gabby Giffords shooting occurred in a place that was not a designated "gun free zone". And since that was an assassination attempt against a politician, a "mass shooting" was probably not the real intention.

  5. the 'virtues' of the educational gulags are on display daily.

    RIGHTS come from God and the only purpose of govt is to PROTECT those rights.

    PRIVILEGES come from govt and can be revoked by govt anytime such action is desired.

    In the first place, those who advocate gun bans and confiscation do not know the difference between rights and privileges.

    In the second place, if those for bans and confiscation do know the difference, then their desired actions going against rights given us by God puts them in the position of being against God Himself (because they think themselves gods?).

    It follows there are two types of banners and/or confiscators:

    -the IGNORANT: the largest contingent, and

    -the God haters: the smallest contingent.

    The nation should listen to NEITHER group.