Monday, January 07, 2013

Day by Day Cartoon- Time's Up

Thanks to Day by Day:

My little flag design sure does get around!  Awesome!



  1. Regarding gun rights: A New Jersey couple and their nephew came home to find a bobcat had gained entrance to their house. It attacked all three people before one of them could get a gun and kill it. The anti-2nd Amendment people would have them running out of their house and calling the police and animal control to kill it or capture it. And, if in the panic, they left their cell phones in the house, then they would have had to go to a neighbor's house to call. It was much more efficient (and right) to have their own gun and kill the bobcat themselves. They all went to the hospital after killing the cat and will be okay.

  2. And we were there at the designing!
    That is so awesome.

  3. It's over at Bob Owen's blog too: