Sunday, January 06, 2013

Liberty, in the real world

I like to handle physical objects. Hats. Guns. Skulls.  Whatever.

I enjoy looking at pictures of things I like, but nothing beats having an interesting item in my hands, turning it over, examining every angle, and feeling the weight of it as I turn it over and feel its texture.  Concepts are good, but I want to feel the reality, even if it is gritty.

So it is with liberty.  I can be free in my mind but I want to grasp liberty in my grubby paws and explore every nook and cranny.  I want to see the dirt and stains and scratches.  I don't expect liberty to be shiny and perfect, but to be real.  I want to live it- flaws and all.

And I will despise anyone who tries to prevent me from experiencing that.  And I may need to defend my life, liberty, and property from thugs and parasites who try to take those things from me.

If you fear or hate liberty or those who love it, just get out of the way and leave us alone and there will be no problem.  Get in our way by initiating force or being a thief and you may not like the consequences you bring upon yourself.  We have seriously had enough.



  1. As you have pointed out before, Kent, the police quite often are big violators of liberty. Are you familiar with the lawsuit stemming from a roadside cavity search of two women in Texas? Here's the link:

  2. Yes, I have read about the case. Absolutely disgusting. Those cops needed to be shot. Things like that are why I am always happy when I hear of cops dying. Sure, perhaps there's a tiny chance that the dead cop was a "good cop" (whatever that might be), but the chances are infinitely greater that the cop either participated in abuses like this, or did nothing to prevent them.

  3. Every time I read in the local rag about a cop dying, I write this in the comment section:
    “ONE less parasite feeding at the tax trough.
    TWO less boots on our face.”