Wednesday, January 02, 2013

So many "laws", so little time...

I saw something that mentioned how many new "laws" came into effect with the new year.


The more "laws" they pass, the more "laws" I can break.  And the less I worry about each one I break.

When everyone is an outlaw it's not because we are all bad, but because the "laws" are.  I actually find myself smiling about the opportunity to break more of their "laws".  Am I sick or what?



  1. I read an article years ago, back in the 90's, where an EPA thug was giving a talk to business owners, the people who pay him. He told them that everyone of them was breaking some law or regulation (even then) but that the EPA just didn't have the personnel to investigate everything. A civil servant being an arrogant civil master. It's only gotten worse since then. I call them the new aristocrisy.

  2. It's the whole "three felonies per day" thing. How many non-felonies do I break each day? No telling. Probably hundreds.