Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Too much liberty"?

I wish cops would just leave everyone alone.  Yes, I mean everyone.

Like Thomas Jefferson, "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." (1791)  He would have hated, and fought against, the current police state that infests the former America.

I am tired of seeing cops everywhere.  L. Neil Smith once (or probably more) said America has 10 times more police than any civilized country should tolerate.  Well, I'd say the situation is at least an order of magnitude worse now.  But I don't want any police.  Not one.

Let me deal with bad drivers, robbers, rapists, jaywalkers, thieves, murderers, unlicensed pharmacists, drunks, in my own way- without initiating force- IF I FEEL THE "NEED" TO "DEAL WITH THEM" AT ALL!  If you are too weak or too cowardly to deal with them on your own, I might even volunteer to assist you as long as you don't "ask" for my help through some coercive agent.  But I will warn you right now- if they are not attacking anyone, nor stealing, you are on your own because what they are doing is none of my business.  Nor yours.

I have no use for cops, and really, neither do you.  They need to just go away.  Forever.



  1. I'll repeat something I often say: Monopoly "justice" is far worse than no justice.

    Our friend, Jim Davies, said it better:

    "...No government anywhere, at any time, has ever brought net benefit to any society, and there is no desirable function that any government performs that could not be performed better, or less expensively, by free people operating on a voluntary basis for profit or for charity..."

    ~Jim Davies

  2. With no Police, who will patrol the roads searching for drunk drivers?
    You may not like the inconvenience of check points and road blocks, but drunk drivers cause untold suffering to their victims and victims families. A little inconvenience is a good trade off to get potential killers off our streets.
    My friend's father was killed by a drunk driver and he's never gotten over it. Had there been drunk road blocks back in the 80's he might still be alive today. Driving drunk is a crime and only the police can stop it there fore we NEED the police!

  3. Anonymous- Sorry, but I don't want police "patrolling" the streets for any reason.

    I'm sorry for your friend, but tragedies like that are no justification for allowing police to exist. You can find people killed by anything, and then propose any oppressive system to (supposedly) prevent it. Enough is too much!

    Cops are paid through "taxation" which is theft. Their masters have re-defined "drunk driving" to the point where it is meaningless. And, no matter what, it is YOUR responsibility to watch out for all other drivers, drunk or not. You may still be in an accident. Liberty isn't supposed to be safe.

    There are checkpoints and roadblocks now and people still die. How much tyranny is enough for you?

    No, it is not a "good trade". It is evil.

    I don't "need" the police and neither do you. Stop falling for the lie and licking their boots. Or worse.

  4. It always gets me how many people say "I know someone who..." or "If it happened to you..." and use that as an excuse to violate the liberty of those who are not guilty. It is sickening.

  5. "A little inconvenience is a good trade off to get potential killers off our streets."

    There it is---the reason we are where we are.

    Over 250 years ago, Franklin saw the folly of this: "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." And sure enough, we now find ourselves with neither Liberty nor Safety.

    Here's worse news for you, Anonymous---you're a potential killer too. Every person is, you see. So are you turning yourself into the Sheriff tonight?

    No? Why not? Is it only people that you're afraid of, who ought to be locked up? Hey, you'll just be a little inconvenienced. Your mind is already locked up, so you may not even notice the difference.

    Get this, Kent. In a thousand years, a guy like Obama couldn't get us here. But 100 million people like this, could. And did.