Sunday, February 03, 2013

"A well-regulated militia..."

Wow, I get so tired of reading comments by anti-liberty bigots (and other idiots) who grasp at the words "A well-regulated militia" as their excuse to criminalize tools of self defense.

It has been explained- I'm guessing- thousands of times.  They don't understand because understanding doesn't fit their agenda.

But, I'll explain again so that there will be yet another place to read it.

"Well regulated" doesn't mean what anti-liberty bigots want it to mean.  It means "fine-tuned".  "Practiced".

And, of course, "militia" meant all males between the ages of... well, that doesn't matter since I hope America is past the ageism and sexism of the past.  Now, the militia is EVERYONE capable (not necessarily enthusiastic about) holding a gun and using it in defense.  It is NOT the "National Guard", or the Marines.  It is YOU and ME.

So, get out there and fine-tune your skills, because YOU are the one the Second Amendment is talking about being well-practiced in the skill of tyrant shooting.

And, it doesn't matter at all whether the Second Amendment gets repealed or legislated away (which happened way back in 1934)- the right to own and to carry defensive weaponry existed long before the first government was dreamed up by the first control-crazy pervert, and it can not be abolished by any State, ever.  Not now, and not in the distant future.  Suck it, anti-liberty bigots.



  1. "A free press, being necessary to the proper functioning of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear writing instruments and paper shall not be infringed."

    Does this mean that only the "free press" is able to use pencil and paper? And since computers are not technically "writing instruments", does that mean they are limited to what was available at the time (pen and paper)?

  2. That's how the anti-liberty bigots would read it if it fit with their agenda. But they would only apply it to people like you or me, not to those promoting their own views.

  3. Unfortunately, the 6 million+ former felons have more to lose than the so-called "law abiding" citizens (newspeak for folks who haven't yet been convicted of a felony).
    The penalty for exercising this right by non-incarcerated felons is 10 years in the federal pen. They want you to believe you'll get ten years for committing a crime with a gun, but in fact it's 10 years for just possessing it.
    And law abiding felons cannot use a gun in self-defense for the same reason.
    We law abiding felons have to use 4" edged weapons out in public, or larger ones in our homes and businesses. We can also use blunt objects or chemical weapons.

    I've made similar comments elsewhere on the 'net and have been told that I lost my right when I committed a crime, but in many U.S. states, mere possession of a gram of marijuana will earn you a felony.
    Hardly a violent crime!

  4. Privileges can be lost; rights can not.

    I think the bogus penalty also applies if you touch a cartridge, too, doesn't it? I know of no one who is "law abiding"- there are just the convicted and the non-convicted.