Saturday, February 02, 2013


Libertarianarchist.  That's me.  But it is also redundant since an anarchist is just a libertarian with all the inconsistencies stripped away.  A libertarian in full bloom.

The "libertarians" who dispute that always have a big "but".  They are libertarian, but... there is some "service" The State provides- through coercion and theft- that they just don't believe can be provided voluntarily.  Maybe "justice"/"courts", or "copyright", or roads, or "security" or "national defense".  But there's always something.

Get rid of that "something" by realizing that if it needs to be provided, there is always a better way than by allowing a government monopoly to provide it through theft and coercion.  And get over your fear of the word "anarchy".

You'll be happier in the long run.



  1. Anarchy is a temporary state until structure is created, voluntarily or otherwise.

  2. Anarchy doesn't mean there is no organization; just that it is consensual, not coerced. If it is voluntary, it isn't being "ruled", so it is perfectly anarchistic.

    I love cooperation and "group projects"- I just hate the ones that are imposed on people who would prefer to opt out.