Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Moral"? "Compassionate"?

It isn't "moral" to use government coercion to make people act like you think they should act.

It isn't "compassionate" to use government coercion to force people to "help" other people.

It is neither "moral" nor "compassionate" to use government coercion to protect you from things that scare you, such as guns or immigrants.

I get really tired of "conservatives" and "liberals" who can't grasp these simple, yet true, facts.  I get tired of being subjected to the broken record of "moral" or "compassionate" people who are in reality neither one.

If you are too dumb to see that your support of this or that "law" is destroying individual lives in order to make you feel better, then I hope someone with more patience than me can get through to you someday soon, before you poke your own eye out with a colon polyp.


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  1. I've come to call what you describe as an eerie, gigantic Stockholm syndrome which took centuries -- millennia actually -- for egghead sociologists (most with government or highwayman funding) to identify and put a name to. Then, typically, they've gotten away with blaming free-market thugs instead of those gangsters acting under the guise of "state", for the disorder.

    The genius concept that has kept these symptoms in place without questioning the perpetrators is that of "democracy" -- voting. If participation in the bread-and-circus events called "elections" (put on by the racketeers calling themselves "government") -- that is, if everyone simply quit voting -- the ruse would end. We would all become responsible for our own behaviors and mutual protection from the few remaining free-market banditos.

    The enormity of the truth is incredible.