Sunday, March 31, 2013

Asset forfeiture? No. Theft.

Government (well, in reality, those who claim to be part of government) possesses nothing it did not steal or buy with stolen/counterfeited money.  "Asset forfeiture" is just another twisted example.

I can't make up a rule- say, I declare you can't have any dogs that are a color other than black- and then claim that by violating my "rule" you forfeit your property rights and I get to take your "illegal" dogs and other property.

And it is no more "right" when goons calling themselves "government" do the same thing simply because you have bits of a plant or a gun or anything else that they decided you shouldn't have.



  1. I've mentioned this in the past. A small suburb city has a very aggressive and authoritarian group of dangerously armed individuals wearing costumes. On their patrol vehicles is a bumper snicker: "This Vehicle Purchased With Forfeited Drug Assets".

    Fortunately I've never come belly-to-belly with any of the kids they hire to fill the roles of those clowns, which is just as well. Because I'd say something like, "I can't imagine riding around in a car and advertising that I am a thief".


  2. The gall of some people is astonishing.