Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Better than that?

I'm better than that- I'm libertarian.

So why don't I always act better than that?

I am on the right side.  There is no argument for The State or legitimized coercion and theft that can stand up against arguments for individual liberty.  No, not one.

So why do I let myself get irritated by imbeciles who parrot the statist line?  Their words are as ridiculous as anything ever uttered by the most brain-damaged cockatoo that ever managed to repeat human-like sounds.  Yet, I let them get to me.  How can I let that happen?

Because I am human, and I am flawed and subject to emotional responses.  It's one reason I rarely write a blog post and immediately publish it.  I like to be able to consider what I have written to see if I am being unreasonable and impulsive.  That may disturb you even more- to know that most of what I have written has passed my review a few times before you ever read it.

I need to keep reminding myself that I am better than that.  Liberty is better than that.  And I am libertarian.


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  1. Face it, Hawk: you jest ain't normal.

    Normal human beings act out their indoctrinations and become (some of them) policemen, tax-collectors, etc. Other normal folks look with awe and esteem at those psychopaths who enslave them.

    You ain't normal. But you ain't alone.


    You find pictures of many of the dead ones printed upon fiat "bills" issued by those "normal" human beings -- who sincerely believe you should be forced to trade with those "federal reserve notes" (bills of debt)..