Sunday, March 17, 2013

Truth vs. "truth"

In "Civil Disobedience" Henry David Thoreau said "The lawyer's truth is not the Truth..."

That is the heart of the matter, because The State, what most people call "government", is built entirely upon "lawyer truth" rather than the Truth.

A gigantic pyramid has been constructed on a squishy swamp with nothing to give it stability, except those desperately trying to prop it up and keep it from capsizing or sinking.  But sink it will.  And it will crush and drag down those who don't give it space.

The wise thing to do seems to be to see the Truth, laugh at "lawyer truth", and get as far away from the top-heavy edifice that so many look to with admiration even as it dooms them.

And keep respecting the Truth.



  1. I have lived long enough in this world with my eyes open and in addition have been a dilettante inquirer into history during that time to know that “law & order” has never been more than the second-rate bastard step child of truth or justice. This was the case even under the very best circumstances of its existence and these are plainly long since past. The individual has some hope of discerning the distinction between these two, however deficient they may be in acting on the awareness. No collective entity has ever had the capacity or the willingness to do either.

  2. Natives to this part of the earth called it "white man's 'truth'". Monopoly "justice" is worse than no justice.

    Ever since my exposure to Delmar England I've tended to be an advocate of free speech -- but not like you might think of free speech. The white man has never promoted free speech. He has always urged collectivist speech: "...the government commits violence..."(not true), "...The state extracts tribute from 'its' citizens" (no!).

    "The government" does not commit violence. Government IS violence. "The state" does not rob citizens. The state IS robbery.

    The state -- government -- is an abstraction -- individuals hiding under an abstraction so they can appear to be "taxing" other individuals.

    If you want to be free, examine the term "citizen" and see if you really want to be one.