Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flaunt your stupidity for all the world to marvel upon

Sometimes it is helpful for me to see signs like this:

Because I know you can't read it, it says "No guns allowed beyond this point" and "No knives allowed beyond this point".

Without signs to remind me that, yes, there really are people so incredibly stupid that they believe a sign will prevent a bad guy who wants to hurt people from doing so, I might forget and believe people are as rational as most of the people I actually interact with.

Silly me.



  1. I think it's the back side of the VA center (or whatever you call it).

  2. I've come to think most signs are placed for the benefit of the poster, not people who are expected to actually see the sign. There's something about human nature [oh, I know YOU are exempt from this :-)] that relishes the idea of having "authority".

    The sign I have most admired was one placed in the nice new shop of a friend and neighbor farmer who, like me, had lots of kids and some big boys who "worked" in his shop much of the time. He had obviously spent much time and trouble lining the backs of the long work benches with pegboard, hooks and holders, with carefully drawn outlines of where each tool was to be placed when not in use. At the top was a large sign:

    "Replace Tools To Their Proper Location When Finished".

    The words had been lined through, and an additional sign placed beneath:

    "Due To Non-Compliance This Rule Is Rescinded"